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Villynerk’s Gaming Website!

Nice that you have found on my website. Here I present videogames that I play and videogames that I liked the most.

Villy- what?

Most people know me as Villynerk from Instagram or from the MMORPG Aion free to play. Therefore, my gamer tag comes from Aion. The nickname “-nerk” carries the most weasel-like creatures there, who usually serve as trading agents or npc in the game world. I liked the name so much that I used it in most videogames, whether it was pc games or ps4 games, but especially in online games.

I am a Videogame Photographer

I am a PC & PS4 gamer, but I do not play shooters. I play fantasy & adventure games and then I show you pictures from the game. I love the photomode and screenshot features in videogames. My favorite on my playstation, because you can upload the screenshots directly to twitter. That’s what I enjoy most.

In reallife

In “Reallife” my name is Nico and I come from the beautiful Schleswig-Holstein in Germany. I am 28 years old and I am currently a trainee media designer. In my free time I’m a firefighter and I enjoy taking pictures with my Camera. I like to take pictures, whether in real life or in virtual life. I like to capture special moments or things that you simply miss in everyday life and share them with people around the world.




Gamer Villynerk - Official Logo

Last video-

These are videogames , that I play the last time. I usually do not play the latest games, but look at the slightly cheaper, which I like. I do not have to play the latest game on the market just because everyone else does. I play what I want.

shadow of the tomb raider

Shadow of the Tomb Raider - VideogamePhotography by Villynerk

I became a Croft fan when I played “a survivor was born”. Right after that I played “rise of the tomb raider” on pc. The story, the graphics and everything have really pulled me along. just unbelievable. Now I have brought me the latest in the tomb raider series and am more than enthusiastic.

God of War

God of War - VideogamePhotography by Villynerk

I did not dare to approach god of war for a long time, but I played it all down. the gameplay and graphics are awesome. The game is full of fantasy! however I do not like the story and the photomode. but on the whole it is already a great game which is fully sufficient for some tastes.

Favourite video-

These are my favorite videogames. 

Strangely, this time it’s just ps4 games. Since I have my PS4 pro, I play more and more on this console and less on the pc.

Detroit: Become Human

Fantastic game! Detroit become Human - VideogamePhotography by Villynerk

Unfortunately, I did not buy “Detroit: become human” myself, but borrowed it in a local library. It was worth it anyway! in the loan period of 2 weeks I played the game completely twice, hoping to save kara and alice.

very emotional game

I was not as tied up in any game as in this one. The story is very well structured, very emotional and graphically fantastic. Unfortunately, my two main characters died shortly before the end, when they checked in to Canada.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

Marvel's Spider-Man. A very gread game - Villynerks Videogames

Actually, I just borrowed the game and bought it at the end. The game got me so carried away, because the gameplay is really mega. you swing through new york city, you can do everything, climb skyscrapers, choose skins, and moreover, the graphics are really great. although the last spiderman movies were a flop for me, this game is definitely top!

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds

Horizon Zero Dawn - VideogamePhotography by Villynerk

Horizon Zero dawn is the main reason why I bought my Playstation 4 Pro in 2017. I saw the screenshots of the impressive game on instagram and immediately fell in love. When I bought the PS4 on Black Friday, I looked around right after the game and bought it. At first, I spent several hours a day in the virtual world of HZD. 

DLC: Frozen Wilds

Recently I bought the DLC “The frozen wilds” and was looking forward to a new territory, new outfits and monsters. The gameplay, the story and the graphics make the game my favorite game. Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds is a good game – I love it!

my favourite mmorpg

free to play

I have always been interested in role play online games but have not found the right one for a long time. I used to spend a lot in SAMP: San Andreas Multiplayer, which was pretty fun, but at some point the game was “too old” for me.

In 2013, a friend showed me the MMO Aion free to play. That was a few weeks after the release of the f2p system. Thanks to her, I started directly with the asmodians, a decision I had never regretted. My first character was a hunter, which I had brought to the former endlevel 60 within a few weeks. I quickly conquered sarpan and tiamaranta and collected skins and weapons.

high chars


Gradually, I tried different classes, made me a second account and explored the gameplay of elyos. Some chars grew over time, I collected kinah and abyss dots. After releasing the new classes, I played my bard at a good pve level. I liked the mixture between healing and magic attack well, however I liked the healing more, so that later I played more on my cleric. I took most of the instances with me.


I am currently not actively playing, but my main character is a lvl 80 cleric, which I have mainly tuned to pve. I give myself the best effort to heal in groups, which makes me a lot of fun.


For years I played on the dark side of power – as an asmodian. I pulled up some characters and played all sorts of classes in the final level. now i have switched completely to the bright side – the elyos.


I have been playing on “Kromede” (before “Loki”, now “Odin”) since the beginning and remain true to the server. Even if you have encountered some chaotic in the past, there are comparatively more good and nice players.


On twitter I show you, almost in real time, what I’m playing right now. The uploads are not optimized and tuned. These are mostly cool snapshots or short videos that give you a little insight into the videogame. Hashtag #PS4Share!


I have a youtube account with some videos, but I rarely upload anything here. Most of the time these are situations and situations in videogames that I really liked and that I wanted to share with other people.

A few of the last uploads are about the departure of former maps in Aion, of which I would like to introduce you one here. If you like it, you can leave me a like and look for my videos.

to videogames

What do I want to show you?

most played game by me. Minecraft Build - VideogamePhotography by Villynerk


A few thousand hours I spent my life in minecraft and gradually improved my architectural style. Meanwhile I have paused my virtual life in minecraft, but the buildings that i have uploaded for you on PlanetMinecraft are still there! You can download my creative houses in the middle ages or steampunk style or lobbysigns for free and add them to your single or multiplayer world.

Simpsons Tapped out

Since years I play the android game “Springfield Tapped Out”. A – for Simpsons fans – matching mobile game. By now I’ve reached a level of over 110 and my city is still growing. Recently, a Christmas market, the highway and the roller coaster in Krustyland were created in my Springfield. You can add me as neighbor, you know how my name is 😉

Hellblade: Senuas Sacrifice - VideogamePhotography by Villynerk

Steam Screenshots

For the release of Hellblade in the summer of 2017, I was pretty excited. I found the trailers so exciting that I bought the game directly on Steam. I did not get disappointed with the gameplay. I have never played a game of this kind before. I enjoyed that a lot. The developers have gone to a lot of trouble. On Steam and Instagram I show you my screenshots that I made during the gameplay.

my gaming-pc

2015 was the time. I built myself from parts of my first real gaming computer, which should replace an old Medion computer. I did not want to assemble the best high-end pc, but a nice, LED-lit PC that’s enough for newer videogames.

The Components

The most important components were an Intel Core i5 4590 processor, an Asus H97-Plus motherboard, an Aus R9 270 graphics card, a Corsair vs series 550w 80 plus power supply, a Samsung Evo 850 hard drive with 128GB, Corsair series AF 120 and Be Quiet! BL046 Pure wings fan installed in the Vibox Predator housing with green LED. To test the whole thing, I also ordered the hardcover version of Grand Theft Auto V.

Initially, I have both my 24 inch monitors (LG + Acer) and the 40 inch TV via the PC operated, but eventually failed the adapter to the TV and 2017, the LG monitor was also defective. Now I only run a monitor on the PC and use the TV for my PS4 Pro.

Playstation 4 Pro

Actually, I was never the console player, much more a PC player. My first and last console was the “Super Nintendo Entertainment System”, short SNES and that was a long time ago! However, that changed on BlackFriday 2017. 

motivation to buy the ps4

Thanks to a 25% discount on a well-known German mail-order company, I did not deal directly with the Playstation 4 Slim, but with the PS4 Pro. In addition to the discount, “Horizon Zero Dawn” mainly motivated me to buy because I could not play this wonderful videogame on my PC (PS4Exklusive game). The device still does a good job, the games run smoothly and reliably.

Playstation 4 Controller & Horizon Zero Dawn
Logitech G633 Gaming Headset

Logitech G633

I already had some headsets in the past. But most did not last long or had bad qualities. But that’s different with logitech. This headset radiates in a pleasant design. There are LEDs that can be set using a special software in all different colors. The wearing comfort is quite pleasant (at some point you will not notice that you have a headset on) and the most important thing is the sound, this convinces me a lot with game sounds and hardstyle music. The same headset is also available as a Bluetooth version, but for me the USB version is completely sufficient.

Logitech G600

Normally you do not need a special mouse. usually something simple is enough, but if you have more specific requirements (for example, in the MMORPG Aion), so-called MMO mice are quite helpful. The G-buttons on the left side can be individually assigned (for example, to open the inventory ingame) and as is usual with logitech, you can adjust the lighting in different colors. The mouse itself is very comfortable in the hand and has as good as never problems.

Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse

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